5 Reasons to Staycation at De Pavilijoen Hotel

Beberapa waktu lalu, saya jadi turis di kota kelahiran sendiri. Hehe, nggak deng. Ceritanya short escape gitu sekeluarga sama bapak mertua, mama mertua dan adik-adik ipar cuma pas hari H saya, Kiki dan Tanya menyusul ke Bandung karena sebelumnya ada acara.

Yang set up penginapan ini adalah adik ipar, saya ataupun Kiki juga nggak nanya alasan nginep di tempat yang mereka pilih. Tapi pas sudah sampai tempatnya dan nginep di sana selama 2 hari, I found my own reason why De Pavilijoen hotel is a great place to stay in Bandung.


de pavilijoen
There are one dry bathroom, living room, mini kitchen, and dining room on 1st floor. On the 2nd floor, there are two bedrooms and one bathroom.


And the reasons are..

1. Strategic Location

Hotel ini berada di jalan Riau, tepat di sebelahnya KFC. It’s so easy to find the place even without GMaps or Waze, because the place is at the center of the town, near to famous outlets (hold your wallet tightly!), so many good restaurants (no need to worry about where to eat a good food, but still you need to worry about your weight later!), ATM & banks (check your balance!), and only needs a couple of minutes to reach Gedung Sate, the icon of Bandung city. Beside, R.E Martadinata (Riau) street is quite famous. 

2. 24 Hours Fitness Facility for Guest

Habis makan banyak terus mau bakar kalori biar badan tetap paripurna? Atau pengen tetap fit selama liburan? Tenang, hotel ini punya fasilitas fitness 24 jam buat tamu-tamu yang menginap! There is a fitness facility with many types of equipment in a small room, near to swimming pool.

3. Kids Playground

Buat yang bawa bayi atau toddler, nggak perlu khawatir mereka bakal bosen diem di hotel. Soalnya ada fasilitas ruang main anak yang letaknya tepat di bawah ruang fitness. The kids playground open from 10.00 am until 18.00.

4. Keukeun Cafe a Cozy Corner to Hangout

Traffic jam on Riau street will be more crowded when it’s weekend than usual. This is because of so many shopping centers, culinary places, and great hangout places. Don’t wanna get stuck in the traffic? Chill, you still can hang out with your family in Keukeun Cafe, it’s inside the building but you can enjoy the view of Riau street.

5. Excellent Service

I have not had to bother about cooking and housekeeping here. Although we don’t get the parking space but the staff in parking lot is helpful. They were generously helping us to find a parking space. And when I forgot about my child’s shoes in the playground, only need one dialed away then the staff brings my child’s shoes to my room.

Sometimes, it feels so good to be a tourist in your hometown. And maybe later, i will back to stay in here for a longer time.



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