Another Entertain from Spain.

I opened and curious about Churreria, a cafe with Spain snacks and beverages. So, yesterday i find out and fulfil my curiousity.. 😀

Churreria, UG Floor of Grand Indonesia (West) Jakarta.

* The place is cozy for hang out and have a long conversation with friends.

Rate is 4from 5.

Passion Fruit Cream Brulee.

*passion fruit custard with a glossy caramelized top. unique taste because it’s combination between a sour taste from the fruit and sweet taste from caramel. 

Rate is 3from 5.

Apple Cinnamon Crumble.

*chunk of crisp and crunchy apple mixed cinnamon topped with delicious crumble berry pure. 

Rate is 4 from 5.


Churros Classic with Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon Powder.

* It taste like a donuts but in different forms and more crunchy. There’s a cinnamon powder on the top. A perfect combination with dark chocolate.

Rate is 5 from 5.

Four Red Fruit Tea.

* A tea with fruit taste. Great combination to neutralize the sweet taste from the snacks.

Rate is 5 from 5.

Recommended place for you who really loves sweet snacks and foods. Try the unique taste and stop curious! XD

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