BAD Experience at Preview Sale Big BAD Wolf 2017.

Well, I haven’t written anything using English for so long. Last time I wrote using English was the email for client and customer which is 3 or 4 years ago when I worked in AXIS. I want to keep practicing so my grammar will be better (I’m open to any correction, please feel free to give me any input about it. *wink*)

Now, I want to talk about my BAD experience on Preview Sale Big BAD Wolf Books Sale 2017. So many people talk about it, not only on chat group but also on social media, even strangers can describe my disappointment very well.

I’m telling you the..

1. PROBLEM: The number of visitors was overflowing, fast track queue line is closed before the end time and the queue line system is really a mess. Many people were standing outside the line, surrounding the books area. 

I saw a man, looks older than me, had an argue with security about it. He said that the security not allowing our line to get in because we’re in the wrong line. HELLOOOO.. Two hours waiting and you want us to get back from the start? WOW!! Of course, we disagreed! After they’ve finished debate, the security allowed us to get in but partially and take turns with the other line. FINALLY!


  • The staff must be aware of the mess of the queue line system and do something about it! They can prepare the sign of the queue line or at least give an instruction to security to guard it.
  • Separate the cashier and queue line between a regular buyer and a wholesale buyer. If I bought only 3 books, I don’t want to stand in line with someone that buy 100 books. I prefer to return the books and buy it via online even though it’s more expensive than waiting for hours only for 3 books.
  • Fast track queue line must be opened until the closing time.


Kasirnya sejauh mata memandang. Yep, here’s where I start queuing. Can you see that the cashier is still far away from where I stand?


2. PROBLEM: So many barcode’s books can’t be scanned and must type the code manually. For your information, most of us were buy a lot of books (tons of it, literally), how long we should wait if you typed it manually?


Input all the barcodes of the books that you sell. No barcodes? Better not sell it.
If input barcode to the system is really difficult and the time is limited, you can upgrade your apps, so the customer can “help you” input the books they want to buy by one click away. The cashier will search it by member ID, confirm the cart’s customer and update the number of the books for the payment.

3. PROBLEM: There was a mistaken price input on the system, the customer pays more than it should.


  • The cashier need more training
  • Need to add more cashier if they’re overloaded or
  • Back to point 1, separate the cashier between regular buyer and wholesale buyer.
  • Fast respond from staff BBW to clear this issue because it’s your responsibility.
  • For the customer, please recheck your bill or the price of the monitor when cashier input it.

4. PROBLEM: Another minute spends waiting for people filtering their books in the cashier’s desk.

SOLUTION: To make an effective and efficient queue line, put the filter desk separated away from the cashier’s desk.


  • Overpriced food trucks, you can find Chitato snack and Popmie instant noodle with price 20K for each.
  • Overpriced so-called-playground for kids, 60K for 30minutes.
  • Long queue in cashier payment line.


  • For the customer, bring your own foods and beverages. In my opinion, the situation and the place are not friendly for a toddler unless your kids are not getting bored easily or can sleep in the stroller during the time when you’re shopping. I suggest you leave them at home.
  • It would be better if every food truck has their own cashier.

Last, they said that Preview Sale only for VIP Member and guest invitation. Turns out, the number of visitors was overflowing, (maybe) more than 10,000 visitors? I waited for 4 hours in the queue line and many good books (most of them are my wishlist) sold out.

I don’t feel any special, just like a customer on a regular day.

What so special about Preview Sale and being VIP then?

I hope that next year, BBW can do many improvements and get better than this year.

UPDATE: I came again to BBW on the 6th day. It feels really different with the Preview Sale. No long queue on the cashier payment line, but the books were not well arranged. They put it on boxes, one box contains board book and activity book, another box contains books for adults and for children. It’s like searching for a treasure, you have to check it one by one on each box.


  1. titiw

    Can’t more agree with u kak. Remember my bad experience as well? They miscalculate the amount of my books! 600.000 is not a small number. I had to email their supervisor first and calling a lot of people and chatting with a lot of people. BACK AND FORTH. HHHHH.. better prepare for next year, BBW!

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