Dini is me.

Self-motivated writer and social media savvy with four years experience in retail, apparel, F&B, media, travel industry, and government. Plus, nine years of experience in the Telecom industry with various job positions related to marketing, finance, administration, and project management. Crafting words is my Ikigai.

Interesting in parenting, child education, fiction books, storytelling, digital marketing, design, some sports, series, movies, and FOOD! If you are curious about what kind of person I am, well, here it is.

You’ll find me at the corner of the party. It’s not a problem for me to go everywhere alone. I like being more friendly with myself. If you find me become the center of attention or become an extrovert to the stranger, trust me, I’m not seeking it, but the situation made me because I only become an extrovert in a small circle.

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