How I Met Your Father

Kids, you guys are old enough now. I’m gonna tell you the story of How I Met Your Father.

Well, it’s just a short version, not a kind of romantic love story.

Maybe you don’t interested, but still important for you to hear it.

Hehe, yes I insist! :p 



I remember the first time we met, Eka Otto introduced us. We did a handshake, sit in the same room but never talked. He’s talking to Eka and I’m talking to the other friends, never notice anything different from him. We’re there until midnight, then all of us decided to go home. In the front of Cheese Cake Factory Cikini, Eka tells him where I live and he’s nicely offered to take me home because we have the same route. But I refused it. Honestly, I was afraid and I choose to go home with Kila and Reza. Yes, I’m afraid with your father because we just met, for me, he’s still a stranger and I’m not going anywhere with a stranger. Another thing is, he looks like a bad boy. He’s smoking, wearing short ripped jeans and have a long hair.

Ya, ya… I know, I told you guys not to judge people by its cover right? But I can’t help it.  Yes, I did judge him by a cover at first, and later I know I have a (very) wrong impression :D. Oh and that night, I even forget his name. I remember his name until we meet several times after that. Hahaha.

how i met your father - oops! my bad
I know.. I know.

I forget about the second time we met, but after several times we meet, we become a best friend. He’s fun to be with, a very good listener and kind of talker too, especially when he talked about his love life. We often going home together because his home is near to where I lived, we talked much about almost everything. The connection between us happened effortlessly. We often do some activities together with our friends, like watch movies, have some dinner, go to a concert or musical events, have a long conversation in front of Seven Eleven store until late, and attending some events. There’s no strange feeling, for me at that time, it’s pure just a friendship. I have taken and he’s still not (yet) move on from his ex. There’s no reason for us to fall in love. Besides we ever had this conversation:

ME: “…baek-baek lu ngatain gue mulu, ntar lu bisa jadi suka sama gue”

HIM: “DIH, OGAH! Nggak mungkin lah gue suka sama sahabat gue sendiri. Apalagi elo orangnya!”

ME:  “CIH, lu nggak liat bio di Twitter gue, ‘Tak kenal maka tak sayang, kalau udah kenal hati-hati jadi sayang’, awas ya kalau sampe ntar lu suka sama gue!”

HIM: “Hahaha, tenang aja, nggak bakalan kejadian itu!”

how i met your father - watch your mouth
Kids, remember this.



I don’t feel any different until one day he confessed that he had a crush on me.  He said that he keeps it for quite a long time, maybe almost a year. I was shocked, I don’t know how to respond him. For a while, we drowned in a silence. It’s like a déjà vu to me, my best friend confessed his feeling, after that everything is not the same anymore. Either we become a complete stranger or simply not being a best friend anymore. Because I can never fall in love with my best friend.

“Gue kan punya cowok, Ki.” I break the silence.

“Iya gue tahu, kalau bisa milih juga gue nggak mau deh suka dan sayang sama cewek orang. Lo  tau sendiri itu kan nggak gue banget.”

“Ya terus sekarang maksud elo bilang kayak gini ke gue apa? Gue nggak bisa ngasih lo apa-apa. Kalo cuma sekedar pengakuan ya udah, kita masih bisa sobatan kan..”

“Ya nggaklah. Mana bisa gue sobatan lagi sama lo dengan perasaan kayak gini. Gue nggak suruh elo milih kok, gue udah nggak tahan aja nahan-nahan perasaan. Jadi ya..” he paused.


“Jadi ya setelah malam ini kita mendingan nggak usah ketemu dulu, nggak usah chat-chat dulu. Ya paling sesekali lah gue dateng kalo anak-anak pada ngumpul. I don’t know how long, but I need some space.”

“Yah udah mau gimana lagi.. gue sedih sih ngalamin kayak gini lagi, keilangan sobat baik gue, but I think that’s the best way for us now.

He’s saying a good night and fade away.

how i met your father - hadte to see you go
can we go back to the moment when you had no crush on me?

It’s not easy to finally agree with his decision, but I have to. Sad to let him go as my best friend, but the lesson is, after that, I can see him as a man.



Our friend is in the same circle, so it was hard to act like a stranger. They didn’t notice that something wrong with us because when we met we act like nothing happened. Being close as usual. Fake? I don’t think so because honestly I still want him to be my (best) friend.

Slowly but sure, a months after the confession, we failed to be stranger.  So one day, when I asked his feeling about our ‘friendship’, he said that he chooses to stay and wait for me. Deep in my heart, I underestimate him. I expect he won’t stay in love with me for that long, a girl who already has a boyfriend.

how i met your father - serendipity
well said!

I broke up with my boyfriend, but I don’t tell your father. Because the first thing I need to do is clear my feeling, deal with it and moved on before I fall in love with someone new. I don’t want to give your father a hope or make him as an ‘escape plan’ just because I know he’s still had a feeling for me.

So the first one who knows about it was my girl-best friend, Alit. Yes, Your Mami Alit is the key to what happens next between me and your father.

I told her to not tell everyone including your father BUT she did. She doesn’t tell everyone, but your father, and guess what? He confronted me for not telling him that I’m single. Hahaha. After ups and downs in our ‘friendship’… FINALLY, we dating.


We engaged and tied the knot!


Yeah, I learned that it’s not impossible to fall in love with your best friend and then marry him!  


But that’s the funny thing about destiny: it happens whether you plan it or not.

I mean, I thought I’d never see that boy again.

But it turns out, I was just too close to the puzzle to see the picture that was forming.

(How I Met Your Mother)


how i met your father - wedding
This is the way we celebrate the Independence Day of Indonesia. Hahaha. The first, and I hope until the last.

I have a bunch of reasons to love your father as a man, but his ‘stubbornness was triggered me to open my heart.

Before we officially met, actually we ever been in the same place, at the same time but still a stranger to each other. It reminds me of my favorite movie, Serendipity. Yes, your father is my serendipity. And I wrote those coincidences here.

Allah knows the right time. Not too late, not too early.

how i met your father


So kids, careful when you choose your best friend. Because someday, you can fall in love and marry them. Just like me and your father. :))



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