Yes, I Choose The Long Distance School For Her, So What?

Enough Said

Rasanya perlu menuliskan ini karena lelah aqutu kalau ditanyain terus alasan sekolah si kakak jauh dari rumah. Ya kalau yang nanya di lingkaran terdekat sih masih oke buat saya menjelaskan alasan-alasannya, tapi kalau orang di luar lingkaran kami termasuk driver-driver yang kerap kali antar jemput ikut nanya juga kok ya jadi risih. Bayarin kagak, kepo iya.

Loh, kan nggak apa-apa, Buk, nanya doang?

Ya, nggak apa-apa. Kalau gitu nggak apa-apa juga kan kalau saya nggak mau jawab. Ehe.

Mending kalau nanya doang, ini ada yang sampai komentar: “Kasian anaknya capek, Buk, sekolahnya jauh.”

Loh, kok jadi situ yang lebih kenal sok tahu tentang anak saya? *maap bawaannya pengen ngegas kalau ada yang sotoy begini*

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I, once asked her about it, “Your school is far from home, is it okay? Are you tired? If you don’t wanna go there anymore just tell me, we can stop.”

She looked at me, “No, I’m fine. I’m happy at school.”

There’s a day when she’s sick and can’t go to school, she’s upset and insists me to take her to school. For her, distance doesn’t matter. What matter is, her feeling at school.

So, About The Reason…

I’ve known the school for more than a half-year, quite a long time to observe.

*The school has the same values ​​that I applied at home. She learns independently at home, so he should go to a school that encourage her to do so.

*The school uses the Montessori Islamic method approach. The assessment of each child is various according to their abilities.

*The school allows me to wait inside class until my child is ready. While other schools may not provide the same privilege.

For me, school is an extension of parent’s hand. So we have to find the one who we can trust the most and surely does have the same values ​​at home. I believe, she’s in the right hand for now.

Values, fees, and distance is a matter to choose the school. But the most important thing is the feeling of my child because she’s the one who sits on the chair, play with her friends and learn from the teachers.

I consider this as practice, who knows, later, she will get an overseas scholarship, aamiin!

Well, next time some strangers asked me that question, I will answer it with this blog post, and get some traffic. HAHAHAHA. *ujung-ujungnya cuan*

Does anyone want to share about the journey to find a school for your loved one? Feel free to share your story.

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